Why Choose Us?

Why another consulting firm? Why bring additional noise to an overcrowded field full of people promising to solve all your problems?

Because I won’t promise that under any circumstances. I am not a miracle worker, and if your problems were so simple to solve, you wouldn’t need me.

So why DO you need me?

Because you’re too busy and too overwhelmed by the content and technology challenges facing you to make the progress you need to make. If you’re a content manager or producer, the grimy insides of the technology engines you rely on are a mess of applications, servers and code that most creatives don’t want to dig their hands into. If you’re a technology manager, the business drivers that rule the organization’s needs are just one more thing to wrestle with while you juggle (on a good day) three times the number of projects you should have.

What you need is a partner to ask the right people the right questions. To go beyond the demands from upstairs to “just get things done” and the idea that throwing technology at a problem will solve it. To bridge that sometimes enormous chasm between the business side tackling business problems and an IT side that would like to help but can barely find the bandwidth to keep everything already in place working correctly.

I speak the technology that manages content across enterprises large and small. I speak the business and communications requirements that drive the whole point of the exercise – helping the organization succeed at what they do regardless of the products or services it offers.

Give me a call. Let’s take a deep breath, lay out the goals we want to achieve, the paths we could take and the tools we could use to get it done.

And then let’s do it. Together.