Systems Selection: Don’t Let the Process Win

Overdoing the Process

Tony Byrne over at Real Story Group offers this cleverly titled blogpost: Seek immediate attention for a selection lasting more than four quarters Tony is pointing out what I call “process creep” as opposed to “scope creep”. The latter is a common term in project management: the ever-growing laundry list...

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Vendor Produced Content, Part 1: Legal Issues

Addressing Legal Issues with Content Vendors

I had an interesting conversation recently about the integration of vendor produced content into an enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.  For the most part it was technical – focusing on the practicalities of allowing or requiring vendor access to internal systems. It did get me thinking about the overall...

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Asking the Right People the Right Questions

Project Kickoff Meeting

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to select or upgrade your content management system. Much input has been sought and processed: tech teams will lay out tasks and potential integration issues, finance people will weigh in on costs, executives will address issues of business continuity and timelines. Presumably, you’ve touched everyone with a say...

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