The Death of Vine and Lessons to Learn

Vine Logo

As you may have seen, Twitter recently called it quits on its Vine app, the 6-second video tool it had been running since 2012. You can read about the impact this will have and what it means culturally in any number of places – here’s one story from the Verge.

I’ve never been a big fan of these short-form video bites for business uses. Companies found ways to make Vine’s 6 seconds and Instagram’s (original, since extended) 15 second formats into some kind of storytelling tool, but I never found them to be compelling.

The question this should raise for you is “what impact are my production choices going to have on my business over time?” While there are Vine stars now forced to make decisions about their next steps, for most business users Vine was just one tool in the box of content outlets they use regularly. But what happens if you are depending on YouTube or Twitter as a primary place for engaging your audience? Twitter is in trouble–financially speaking–are you too dependent on it for the long-term health of your business? What if YouTube dramatically changes its business model–will you be left out in the cold?

These issues go beyond other companies’ social platforms. What if you’ve committed your entire team to using a software platform and the company goes out of business? Flash is now a dying technology – are your production processes designed around Flash? Are you committed to a web platform that can’t handle the needs of your growing business?

These are essential strategic concerns your company needs to address, and I can help you navigate the complicated production landscape. Drop me a note and let’s talk about making the right decisions today for the results you want in the future.