Don’t be Afraid to Change Course with Your Website

Changing Paths is difficult but needs to happen sometimes

Are you afraid to make a change to your company’s website or online presence? Many companies are, and they’re letting it hold them back. I ran across this post on LinkedIn from Noa Ronen, a professional leadership coach:

Fitting Myself into the Wrong Website

It really captures the essence of how companies can get trapped in a rut with their online presence. They think to themselves “we’ve put so much time and effort into developing this site, how can we possibly pour more money into this?” So the company lives with a site that doesn’t quite match their company’s personality or vision, or continue to track down the web developer every time they want to adjust something. And all the time there’s a nagging voice saying “this should be different; we need to make a change”.

I’m a big believer in listening to gut instincts; if you sense that change is needed, you really should be listening. Keep in mind that two years is an eternity in the world of online content – if you aren’t reviewing your site at least that often, you should be. But it’s critical to analyze your concerns with a clear head. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there something specific about the look or function of the website that’s not working?
  • Can we do something simple to adjust the site that would match our vision?
  • How great an investment in time and resources is needed to bring the site to a better place?
  • What’s the likely benefit to the company of the improvements?
  • Are we just bored with the existing site, or looking to change for the sake of change?

Ms. Ronen didn’t do an exhaustive analysis of the site she had before breaking out of her old model, she just accepted that she wasn’t happy with the site. It’s easier for a small business owner or sole proprietor but even larger companies can shake themselves out of the status quo pretty easily. The key to success is getting to the root of the problem quickly and climbing the mental hurdle of spending yet more money the company could use for other things.

Your site represents your company. Call me and we can work together on making your investment match your vision and deliver the results you deserve.